Woman finds out her outfit completely matches the designs of the floor she was walking on

That moment when you realize that the outfit you are wearing completely matches the design of the floor you are walking on can be epic in many aspects.

For the fashion conscious, there maybe a lot of ways or perhaps "professional ways to choose the colors of your clothes" but sometimes, timing can  be really bad.

A few days ago, a woman posted a photo of her online, showing how her outfit of the day matched the designs of the floor she was walking on.

The material went viral via online image hosting imgur. It raked in tremendous views to the tune of about 200k times.

The photo featured the said woman lying on her back, with her hands covering her face.

Take a look:

At some point, the woman in a seemingly ridiculous choice of dress color and design was even made a laughing stock by some netizens.

One commenter said:
In event of zombie apocalypse just lie down. Tuck in feet. Shirt over head.
The above story may also happen in the wedding ceremonies, or maybe proms and the like.

Such odd coincidences maybe avoided by knowing first the motif to be used in the gatherings a person is intending to attend or participate.

H/T: http://www.rachfeed.com
Other sources: Mirror, The Knot, Imgur

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