'An abusive BGC Marshal (and friends) harassed and assaulted our group' - Motorist

It looks like Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Marshals are in the spotlight again over the week, as per horrifying story shared by Mark Jason Benipayo Quintana, Friday (July 24) on Facebook.
abusive bgc mashal
BGC Marshal P. Francial
According to Mr. Quintana, his group who was driving an Isuzu ELF and Toyota Revo was abused, harassed and assaulted by a BGC Marshall and his "friends" who went to the scene as some sort of a reinforcement.

Apparently, around 2:50 AM Friday, the group of Quintana was apprehended by a certain P. Francial at 11th Ave. cor. McKinley for driving a 6-wheel vehicle. The latter confiscated the license of Quintana's driver then asked for a P500 penalty fee.

Quintana became skeptical of what was going on. He then asked for the proper procedure on how to go about the situation. He asked the Marshall if he has a ticket or maybe an official document that will serve as a proof that his driver's license has been confiscated. The Marshall could not produce any.

A heated discussion ensued between Quintana and the Marshall, who later on radioed for help.

Then the verbal altercation became physical:
a motorcycle went rushing from afar. At (2:30), the three men aboard the motorcycle shouted at me. At (2:33), he told the men: “Bastos ‘to eh. Tingnan niyo ginagawa niya.” The man wearing shorts shoved my face. At (3:23), the other one wearing white approached me and punched my face and followed up with kicks.
Quintana called 117 and other emergency hotlines and waited for police assistance. Unfortunately, nobody came.

Quintana's group went straight to the nearest police station.
we were welcomed by sleeping officers. After waking them up and some convincing on the gravity of the situation, they escorted us to the scene.
At the confiscation area, the Marshal's superiors, supervisors and other officers showed up. "All of them defended Francial’s actions", said Quintana.

Here's the full story (VIDEO):

An abusive BGC Marshal (and friends) harassed and assaulted our group. (July 24, 2015)Today, at around 2:50 AM, our...
Posted by Mark Jason Benipayo Quintana on Friday, July 24, 2015

What are your takes on this? What's the proper procedure when it comes to cases like this?

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