WATCH: Actual snatching and robbery at Paco PNR station (Along Pedro Gil) caught on cam

A video showing actual snatching and robbery of jeepney passengers at the PNR station in Paco, along Pedro Gil, Manila emerged on social media today.

Paco PNR station snatchers and robbers

If you do pass the said area via public transport modes, beware as this could happy to any of you anytime of the day.

These snatchers and robbers are doing their rounds right in the open street and in broad daylight.

Watch: Video of actual snatching and robbery at PNR station in Paco Manila


SALOT SA LIPUNAN CAUGHT ON CAM Ingat lang po tayo sa snatcher at holdaper. Kuha po ito sa may Paco PNR station along pedro gil.

Posted by Bassilyo on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Perhaps, more CCTVs and police presence can be two of the best measures that can be considered in order to prevent such crimes from happening.

What do you have in mind?

Video source: Bassilyo Facebook Page

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