Alleged Andrea Brillantes scandal video hits the web

An alleged scandal video of Andrea Brillantes, a Filipina child actress under television network ABS-CBN, hit the web Friday morning.
Andrea Brillantes
Netizens were in sudden commotion, trying to investigate whether the said controversial video material is authentic or not.

According to entertainment and trending blogs that caught up with the issue early on, the video leak is actually comprised of two parts - a minute and 35 seconds for the first one, while the second part is barely half a minute in length.

Even Facebook pages contained the alleged private video, netizens said. Download links are also rampant in the comments section of the said social media postings.

Looking at Twitter platform, there is rather another side of the story being dragged into the on-going Internet ruckus.

This Tweet below can attest to it.
Andrea Brillantes twitter trend
Screengrab: Twitter
While Barako News is not in anyway in the right position to investigate sensitive matters like this, and that we do not condone child abuse and cybercrime, we firmly believe that:

Spreading the said "Andrea Brillantes video scandal" through any medium or platform will not make or bring anything good, specially to the 12-year-old kid.

This issue is within "RA No. 7610" or "Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act."

Beware of the stipulated rules, regulations, and punishments, should you choose or decide to spread the video scandal, online or offline.

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