Baby seal gets stranded in field of cows, surrounded and pushed around

The Wash in Lincolnshire -- A five-day-old seal got separated from its mother and ended up surrounded by 30 cows.
Baby seal stranded in field of cows
Baby seal in a muddy puddle surrounded by the wondering herd of cows
She was pushed around, though gently, by the wondering herd; Her fate could have been pitiful, had a birdwatcher did not spot her from afar.

Apparently, the baby seal waddled out of the water and landed in a puddle of mud. She caught the attention of the cows nearby.

The cows were puzzled by their unusual visitor in the farm. They started to nudge the baby seal around until Ian Ellis, a birdwatcher spotted the strange behavior of the herd.

Ellis went closer and picked up the seal as advised by the reserve wardens and the Natureland seal sanctuary in Skegness.
Sea in a muddy puddle near Skegness, Lincolnshire 
After the successful rescue, the pup was named "Celebration", marking Natureland's 50th anniversary. She is now recovering well. (Telegraph)

According to Natureland director Richard Yeadon, the baby seal must have separated from her mother and got caught in the tide then became stranded when the tide went back out.

"Cows are quite inquisitive so they were pushing her around a bit, so she wasn't hurt at all. Once we got her back to Natureland she went straight into the Seal Hospital to begin treatment. Her main problem is that at only five days old she was orphaned and therefore had not fed for a while, she had lost quite a lot of weight and was dehydrated. We gave her rehydration fluid through a stomach tube and are now giving her high fat herrings which will help her gain back the weight.", said Yeadon.

"But she is on antibiotics now and is on the mend. We will be monitoring her very closely over the next couple of days, but we're hopeful she's going to pull through. Once she is stronger, she will continue through the rehabilitation process until she is 60-70lb and is able to feed in the water by herself. We will then release her back to the wild.", he added.

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