Meet this 'beautiful mom-taxi driver' in Singapore

Called as the "most beautiful taxi driver in Singapore", Ms. Annie Lim, 41, is a mother of two - Aloysius Teo, 18, (middle) and Alvin Teo, 13.

Beautiful taxi driver in singapore Annie Lim

You might wonder what brought Ms. Lim to embark on her quite unlikely profession. A woman driving alone to bring strangers to their destinations and sit in the cab for more or less 12-hours shift is a serious thing.

She is a divorcee with two teens who are still in school. She never had any work for about 20 years and with only an elementary school certificate to show for a scholastic feat.

About a year ago, she got her cab driver's license. At first, she was worried but her courage pushed her to finally give it a go. Now, she is a happy and contented earner of $1,200 to $1,500 a month. It about or a little bit more than what she used to earn with her previous job as perfumes and beauty products seller.

"I really don't have a choice.. For my sons, I have to be strong.", Lim told The Strait Times.

Lim stands out among the taxi drivers in Singapore who are mostly males. She has been featured in a news article and labelled as the "most beautiful taxi driver in Singapore". It makes us think that, perhaps there are other lady cab drivers out there but not as good looking as Ms. Lim.

Beautiful taxi driver in singapore Annie Lim

Lim also became a topic in an online hardware forum thread titled "Breaking most chio cab driver in Sg (sic)" ("chio" means pretty in Hokkien).

Sometimes, Lim gets attention from his male passengers. She just tell them: "Destiny dictated you take my taxi, that's good enough."

She means just pure livelihood.

Taxi cabs play a big role in Singapore's day-to-day mobility requirements. More importantly, regular taxi units and those within booking apps Uber were put on a sudden strain this week due to MRT's service disruptions.

Source: Strait Times

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