Black cubic object (UFO) sighted over Texas, via Inter-dimensional portal?

Black portal or alien cube UFO? Those are the questions boggling the minds of the netizens upon seeing the image of the "inter-galactic" thing seen over the skies of Texas last week.

Cubic UFO in El Paso Texas

According to one of the witnesses, Walter C. Lance, he just wanted to take photos of the seemingly storm clouds forming in the sky, around 1PM on June 29, 2015. He noticed that the clouds swirl into a vortex-like shape. Its center turned black. He then took a series of pictures using his mobile phone and got this:
Cubic UFO in El Paso Texas
The cube-shaped Texas UFO photographed by Lance
Some of the images captured were quite blurred but the enhanced versions revealed a "rectangular UFO" of sort.

Some said, the weird object that appeared in the skies of El Paso, Texas came out through an inter dimensional portal.

All of the opinions written online, at least for the time being, point out to one and the same thing: What has just occurred is but another unexplained UFO sighting, like what had happened a long time ago, as early as 214 BCE (Before the Common Era).

In the video uploaded by YouTube user secureteam10, it was mentioned that the strange phenomenon was actually witnessed by many people from around El Paso, and all of the images that emerged bear the same object.


What are your takes on this?

Hoax or not, let's see what comes out in the coming days or months!

Source: EWAOMysterious Universe, YouTube

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