'Doctor' made rounds online for pulling off fake 'late delivery' of food after tricking delivery crew

A certain 'Doc' Jay Bee is now being bashed online for allegedly pulling off a fake "late delivery" of his meal from Jollibee by tricking the delivery crew.

Doc Jay Bee jollibee late delivery

He rejoiced from the end result of his sort of a "tactic", where he was able to enjoy a sumptuous meal set for only P66. He said, he was able to save P200.

From the words of Jay Bee himself, he did the scheme by not answering the phone coming from the receptionist of the building where he is at the time of the delivery. He intentionally did it to delay the delivery crew from handing his meal on time.

"hahaha.. sarap star *** pero ang totoo Hindi naman talaga late, di ko lang sinasagot ang tawag ng receptionist sa baba, dun palang hold na sya. after 1 minute sinagot ko, pagdating sa unit ko of course late. hahaha" (truth is, it is not really late. I just did not answer the phone call coming from the receptionist downstairs..), Jay Bee told his chat mate.

Doc Jay Bee jollibee

From the looks of it, Jay Bee plans to repeat the same trick over and over again.

Doc Jay Bee jollibee food scam

Netizens are now feasting over the photos of Jay Bee on Facebook, including the screenshots of his conversation with a certain friend.

As featured on "Senyora SantibaƱez" and "PERK UP! The Philippine Business and News Forum" Facebook pages:

Doc Jay Bee jollibee food scam

Comments on Facebook are rather equally disturbing as how people can quickly bash:

Doc Jay Bee jollibee food scam

Some would even resort to a death threat:

Doc Jay Bee jollibee food scam

"Doc Jay Bee" is now a trending topic on Facebook, from three hours ago or so. A Facebook post with 12,370 likes and  2,821 shares is a huge ruckus online for sure.

Source: Senyora SantibaƱez Facebook Page

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