WATCH: Drunk tricycle driver goes 'Beastmode' on car driver

What if a drunk tricycle driver goes beastmode on you? Will you provoke him for more or stay inside your car and keep your cool instead?

Drunk tricycle driver goes beastmode video

That's what happened in Novaliches Sauyo, Quezon City involving a car and a tricycle bearing body number 283. No date mentioned when the altercation happened, but most likely, just over this week since the video, has just appeared on Facebook pages a few hours ago.

From the looks of it, the tricycle driver, who happens to be drunk, was asking how much is the damage he inflicted upon the car would cost.

The car's driver answered with a rather provocative tone, worsened by his repeated cussing.

The drunk tricycle driver suddenly went furious and hit the car's windshield with his bare hand causing it to break.

Watch the video and see how the confrontation went:


BEASTMODE NA LASING GRABE TONaganap sa Novaliches Sauyo Toda #283 bagbag, 6 pm. Yung tricycle driver na lasing ang may kasalanan dahil inako nya na ano gusto nyang mangyare kaya dinaan nya sa galit purke ba nasa teritoryo.

Posted by Bassilyo on Thursday, July 9, 2015

The car driver and his companion were no doubt in big dilemma. They were in the vicinity of the tricycle driver's sort of a territory.

Should they go after the tricycle driver and confront him or let things pass and leave the place with the damage on their car?

"Beastmode" is term that trended online when a certain motorist uploaded a video supposedly teaching people not to allow others get ahead on the road.

Source: Bassilyo Facebook Page (Video)

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