Expectant parents find gremlin in baby scan picture, call it 'Gizmo'

Expectant parents Jayne Siner, 31, and her partner went home happy after a regular scan of their unborn baby from a hospital in Kirkby, Liverpool.

gremlin in baby scan

Little did they know that something will be spooking them out later on.

Jayne's 20-week scan was taken from St. Chads Clinic; Image of a mysterious creature was spotted at the bottom right hand corner of the photo.

gremlin in baby photo scan
Photo: Mirror.Co.UK / Liverpool Echo
Jayne was completely unaware of it until her partner showed the picture to his office mates. Only then that the gremlin's full body was identified.

Jayne nicknamed her unborn "Gizmo". It was based on a hit 1984 film about gremlins.

"It became a bit of a joke that there was a gremlin in there with my baby.", Jayne said.

"My friend told me it looked like a teddy and was comforting my baby, but we didn't really take it seriously.", she added.

Things came to a point where Jayne's mother would tell her to stay away from water after midnight or the gremlins might multiply just like what the film portrayed.

After birth, Jayne eventually named her daughter "Ivy-belle".

No gremlin was given birth, not even a twin of Ivy-belle.

Source: Mirror

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