Food crew fired after being filmed scraping dead skin with fruit knife

A mixed vegetable rice stall employee at Kopitiam food court in Singapore got sacked after being filmed scraping her dead skin using a fruit knife.

kopitiam food court singapore employee scandal

On  July 27, a personal assistant named Renny was having some time with her family over lunch at Kopitiam food court in Sembawang's Sun Plaza. She was disturbed by unhygienic behaviour of the said food attendant, so she took a video.

"I saw this disturbing scene of a woman working at the mixed vegetable rice stall - she was removing the dead skin cells from her hand with what looked like a knife used for food", Renny said.

Worse thing is that, after the woman was done with her scraping, she wiped the knife with a receipt instead of washing it.

According to Kopitiam's spokesman, it issued a warning letter to the stall's tenant. The latter then dismissed the employee in question on Monday night.

Even then, an investigation was carried out by Kopitiam. It learned that the knife used in the scraping was for the staff's personal use and not for preparing food.

"Nevertheless, her behaviour was unacceptable and not in line with the high standards of hygiene Kopitiam sets at all its food outlets", the spokesman said.

Kopitiam emphasized that what had happened was just an isolated case - "..due to personal lapses, rather than a lapse in our system", the spokesman added.

Watch the video:

Kopitiam operates more than 50 food courts in Singapore.

kopitiam food court singapore

Source: The Strait Times

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