Mom finds disgusting solid materials inside Milo tetra pack

A mother from the Philippines discovered a rather rancid and foul looking solid foreign materials inside a 110ml Milo tetra pack.

Piere was so grossed out with what she has found inside a Milo drink, her daughter was drinking during a typical afternoon snack time.

According to Piere, she thought that her daughter just wanted to pour the drink into a cup. When it was poured out, they saw this:
Milo tetra pack scam
Photo: Piere Angeli Barcelo Mercado
Piere then went back to the supermarket where she bought the Milo product and filed her complaint.

Here's the full text of the Facebook post of Piere on June 8, 2015.

Milo tetra pack scam complaint

From the looks of it, Nestle Philippines had not responded to the issue yet.

Interestingly, we found this status post on Piere's Facebook timeline:

Milo tetra pack scam complaint

Did the company ignore the said food security concern? Let's see what Nestle Philippines has to say on this issue.

Update (August 6, 2015 - 8:07PM) - Updated statement from Nestle Philippines:

We understand the deep concern of Mrs. Piere Angeli Mercado upon finding a hardened matter in her MILO Ready-to-Drink 110 ml with batch code 43480189WD, and we thank her sincerely for immediately bringing this to our attention. We have personally met with Mr. and Mrs. Mercado to explain the results of our investigation.

Our Quality Assurance tests showed that the hardened matter is actually coagulated milk. Spoilage, and eventually, coagulation happen when milk gets into contact with air and heat for some time, allowing exposure to harsh elements in the environment.

To determine if there was any abnormality in the manufacturing process that caused the coagulation, our Quality Assurance experts immediately examined the complaint product and compared it with the product with the same batch code which we keep in the factory for reference. If the cause of the problem came from the factory, the reference product would also have coagulated by this time. All tests showed that the reference product is normal and free of any traces of coagulation.

Upon testing the packaging of the product that Mrs. Mercado bought, our QA experts detected a minute incision on the pack, which could have allowed air and heat to enter, resulting in the product’s coagulation. If this incision was the result of a defective manufacturing process, it would have been replicated in the reference product of the same batch code. The finding that the reference product is normal indicates that the product bought by Mrs. Mercado suffered from the incision after it was released from the factory.

To further validate our internal findings, we also gathered samples of MILO Ready-to-Drink 110 ml with the same batch code from stores, and sent these to SGS Philippines, a recognized third party testing laboratory, for microbiological testing to determine the presence of spoilage organisms in any of the products. The microbiological test results of all samples showed that the products are normal and commercially sterile.

Our QA experts also subjected the said samples we got from stores to package integrity tests to determine the physical condition of the packs. All samples tested negative for leaks. From these tests, we were able to confirm that spoilage does not occur if the package integrity of the product is maintained.

The quality and safety of our products and the welfare of our consumers are non-negotiable priorities for us at Nestlé. We wish to assure our consumers that we have strict quality control procedures in place throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards when they are released from the factory.
Update (July 9, 2015 - 11:32PM) - MILO Philippines already communicated with Mrs. Mercado, as per information sent to us by OgilvyOne, the digital agency of MILO Philippines.
Dear Barako News Team,
Good day!
I am Mark Telan from OgilvyOne, the digital agency of MILO Philippines.
We have seen the post in your site regarding MILO Ready-To-Drink and with this, we would like to share an update with you regarding this matter.
Nestlé statement:
Nestlé Philippines immediately got in touch with Mrs. Mercado when she brought her complaint to our attention. We thank Mrs. Mercado for her cooperation and hope that we shall be able to address her concerns as soon as possible.
Let us know for any clarification.
Kind regards,
Mark Vincent D. Telan
Senior Account Director
OgilvyOne Worldwide
For your information and guidance.

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