Google removes Chinese name on map for South China Sea shoal

Google omitted the Chinese name it had labelled for a South China Sea shoal that is currently being disputed by the Philippines and China.

Scarborough Shoal map by Google

The move was triggered by an online campaign, which gathered about 2,000 supporters urging the Internet mammoth to stop naming the rich fishing ground of the Scarborough Shoal as such.

Google said, it did the update in order to fix the issue. "We understand that geographic names can raise deep emotions which is why we worked quickly once this was brought to our attention", Google's office in Manila said in a statement.

Before the Google map rectification, the disputed ground is placed as part of China's Zhongsha island chain.

Since China's control of the shoal in 2012, the Philippines has been complaining about Chinese coast guard harassing Filipino fishermen.

"Last week, a United Nations-backed tribunal at The Hague started hearing a Philippine petition to declare illegal China's maritime claims in the South China Sea that overlap those of the Philippines.", Yahoo! Australia wrote.

According to Philippine's Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, the country is confident that the tribunal would assume jurisdiction.

The battle is taken to peaceful ways, as "we can't fight China economically, militarily and even politically", Secretary de Lima added.

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