Indian van driver in Singapore gets praises for utmost honesty

Exceptional show of honesty after hitting and inflicting damages to a parked car earned Mr. Panneerselvam Kulothungan praises from Singaporeans.
Mr. Panneerselvam Kulothungan
Photo: The Strait Times
Kulothungan is a foreign worker from India. He drives a van for a company.

One day at around 7:30 PM, the 29-year-old family man scratched a car while he was entering a car park. Realizing the car's owner was not around, he waited to claim responsibility. He stayed for an hour but the car's owner has still not returned.

Mr. Kulothungan decided to leave a note containing his contact details. He even wrapped a second note with a plastic bag in case it rained.

This was the note found on the scratched car's windscreen:

Mr. Panneerselvam Kulothungan note
Photo: The Strait Times
Did you think that was it? Well, when the car's owner did not contact Mr. Kulothungan overnight, he went back to the park the next day to look for him.

Finally, when the two met, Mr. Kulothungan apologized and promised to pay for the damages he caused.

Angry was the first feeling of Mr. Wee but the honesty of the man at fault melted it. Mr. Wee praised him instead.

"This guy is very honest. At 7.30pm, it would have been easy for him to run away as there were no witnesses.. I have never come across such an honest (person) before.", Mr. Wee said.

Mr. Wee said he would shoulder the repair himself. He also wrote to The Straits Times to applaud the good deed he just witnessed.
"At 7.30pm, most people would have quickly driven away without stopping... his honesty is to be applauded.", wrote Mr. Wee.

After hearing the news report, Mr. Kulothungan said:
I thought to myself, 'This kind of action should be the norm, why is this reported?'
Mr. Kulothungan is an overseas worker in Singapore. He flew to the country in 2009 in order to support his family.

These are some of the heartwarming words posted about Mr. Kulothungan's utmost show of honesty:

Mr. Panneerselvam Kulothungan praises

Such a good deed to emulate, don't you agree?

Source: The Strait Times

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