Iran nuclear deal splits US Congress parties

The US Congress is split over Iran Nuclear deal; The Republicans call it "irresponsible and dangerous".

Iran nuclear deal

The Democrats, on the other hand praised the deal as it is a landmark agreement.

According to former CIA Director Michael Holden, the Iran nuclear talk has got disappointing part - the "managed access" to the inspections.

"I am (also) absolutely puzzled by how the Iranians were able to get relief for sanctions on conventional arms and ballistic missiles into the agreement when at their insistence those kinds of things were off the table from the beginning.", Holden added.

However, there is a rather opposing view coming from the experts close to President Obama administration. For one, Daryll Kimball of the Arms Control Association said:
This agreement shows a monitoring and inspection system that is stronger than we expected after the April 2 framework agreement was reached. People who say it’s weaker really don’t know what they are talking about. They don’t understand.
The brewing question now is this: Will the deal stop Iran from developing nuclear weapon?

Meanwhile, some Iranian expats in London are looking forward to the realization of the deal.

A shopkeeper, who is now a resident in London said, "All the people (here) are happy at the moment. For the situation inside Iran I hope it does work and prices fall, then people can take a breather. And abroad, I hope Iranians can travel more to Iran and go back home."

Source: Euronews

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