Video: Mall goers in China get paranoid after escalator accident

Beijing -- The news of a mom in China who was able to save his 2-year-old son before succumbing to her own death due to an escalator mishap made rounds on the Internet.

The faulty escalator swallowed Xiang Liujuan to death.

The horrifying incident happened in the central city of Jingzhou; It was caught by a surveillance camera. The footage brought a mixture of shock and terror to the netizens.

In a video footage, Xiang can be seen pushing his child into the arms of the shop attendants who happened to be near the escalator.

The  escalator landing platform collapsed after Xiang stepped on it.

While her son was saved, the unfortunate mother did not make it. She went all the way down the moving machinery, trapped. Her body was only recovered four hours later.
China escalator accident phobia photo 1
Mall goer hangs on the escalator handrail to avoid stepping on the landing platform

Perhaps an aftermath of the above terrifying accident, many of the mall goers in China seem to have developed a phobia of the escalators.
China escalator accident phobia photo 2
Mall goer pokes on the escalator platform before stepping on it
Watch the video below and see how the shoppers were affected.

Posted by 喜怒哀乐^‿^ on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Escalator deaths and related accidents were attributed to China's "cavalier attitude toward safety, quality control and maintenance", NY Post wrote.

On the side note, "Fear of Escalators" is termed as "Escalaphobia". It was derived from the Greek word "escalo", which means "to move up" and "phobos" for "deep aversion, dread or fear". (Fearof.Net)

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