Mom shares terrifying experience with KOBI kids play area in Robinsons Malolos

A mother shared her terrifying experience with Kobi play area inside Robinsons Place, Malolos, Bulacan, where she opted to leave her son before buying some items at The Handyman.

Kobi is a place where parents can leave their kids for a certain period of time for a fee.

Kobi Robinsons Place Malolos Bulacan incident

"A supposed-to-be happy birthday celebration became a terrifying experience and a lesson learned from #RobinsonsMalolos.", Cel posted on Facebook on July 19.

It was not Cel's first time to leave her son Ahron in similar places, but to her surprise upon return, he just found her child outside Kobi.

The scary thing was that, the kid was talking to a guy whom he thought was the place's security guard.

Cel went furious over what she has just found out. The guy whom his son was talking to was not Kobi's security personnel.

According to Ahron, he was told to go out because his time was already up.

The lady staff denied telling the child to do so.

Cel filed a complaint at the mall's security office. Only then, the girl on duty at Kobi admitted that she actually told Ahron to go out.

Here's the full story:
Kobi Robinsons Place Malolos Bulacan incident

Kobi Robinsons Place Malolos Bulacan incident

Due to the above incident, Cel advised parents not let their kids out of sight even though the environment is seemingly safe.

Do you have a similar experience?

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