Mom terrified by wrinkly, alien-like thing in MILO tetra pack

Yet another MILO tetra pack scandal! A mother could not believe what she just saw inside her son's drink.

Nestlé Philippines Milo tetra pack scandal photos

In a Facebook post dated July 29 (Wed), Rissa expressed her disappointment over what she and her son experienced. According to her, her son almost puked after drinking his MILO tetra pack.

Nestlé Philippines Milo tetra pack scandal photos

Rissa grabbed the drink to look for the expiration date. It looked alright, but then Rissa became suspicious of the weight of the product. She then cut it to see what's inside.

To her terrifying surprise, this gummy, wrinkly and seemingly, egg-bearing material shocked her.

Milo tetra pack scandal photos

Milo tetra pack contaminated

Milo tetra pack expired

Milo tetra pack with foreign object

The thing smelled "putrid", Rissa described.

Rissa had no idea what the foreign material is. The fact that it looked disgusting and smelled rancid, she could not believe that her son sipped and swallowed, perhaps part of it.

"I will call the grocery store where I bought the product to inform them about this horror", Risa wrote. She will inform Nestle Philippines that such products do exist in the grocery stores' shelves.

On July 6, we posted about a similar incident wherein a mother found gooey materials inside a MILO tetra pack she bought from a grocery store.

Although we were not made aware of what had transpired after the said issue, Mark Vincent D. Telan, Senior Account Director of MILO Philippines' OgilvyOne Worldwide contacted Barako News and said, Nestlé Philippines got in touch with the complainant already.

Did you experience the same?

With these alarming cases of foods and drinks found with foreign objects in them, consumers should be well ware of what they buy from the grocery outlets.

While the contents of tetra packs are basically hidden, it is such a gamble to buy and consume them nowadays.

Unless stricter food security and safety are implemented and observed, terrors brought about by those polluted products such as, in this case, a MILO tetra pack will still linger.

Barako News will be willing to post any updates coming from the side of MILO or Nestlé Philippines.

Update (8/3/2015, 6:50 PM): Nestle Philippines, Inc. has just issued its official statement on this particular case, as posted below:
Andy Banson <[email protected]>
Hi, good day!
My name is Andy Banson from Ogilvy Public Relations. I sincerely hope my message finds you well.
On behalf of Nestlé Philippines, I am reaching out to you to share the official statement of Nestlé regarding the incident with Mrs. Zaragoza. We are greatly hoping that we can provide clarification on the matter. Thank you very much.
The quality and safety of our products and the welfare of our consumers are non-negotiable priorities for us at Nestlé.  We take the complaints of our consumers very seriously, and we have been in touch with Mrs. Zaragoza since her concern was brought to our attention on July 29, 2015.

Our Quality Assurance experts are now conducting laboratory tests to determine the possible cause of the problem and will work through the weekend to complete the tests. We shall discuss the results of our laboratory tests with Mrs. Zaragoza as soon as available.

We wish to sincerely thank Mrs. Zaragoza for fully cooperating with us.
Please let us know should you have any additional questions. We may be reached, at your convenience, at 238-7000. Once again, thank you.
Warmest regards,
Andy Banson
Account Manager
Ogilvy Public Relations - Manila
24th floor, Picadilly Star building, 4th Ave. cor 27th st., Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
T: (+632) 238-7000 loc. 7045
M: (+63917) 5968149
F: (+632) 403-8494 
Photos: Rissa Gabriel Zaragoza

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