Pan Am games: A mentor competes against his mentees

Meanwhile on Pan Am games, a veteran water skier Jaret Llewellyn succumbed to compete against the kids he once mentored, the Globe and Mail wrote.

Pan Am Games 2015

Although Llewellyn is an eight-time Pan American Games gold medalist, and is known as the greatest water skier in history, he knows that ending in the winner's circle could be elusive this time.

Other competitors in the game are almost two decades his junior. Plus, the truth is, all were mentored by him.

Llewellyn said, he is not trying to take kids' spots. He is in the competition for the fun of it and that, he still can.

"It’s better to make all the kids fight for it. It’s funny because Whitney and Jason grew up with me – we all live in Florida. Ryan Dodd’s father and my father taught me, then I taught Ryan and now all four of us are on the team together. It’s so cool. I’m thinking, ‘This is awesome.’", Llewellyn told news media.

"Pan Am games" or "XVII Pan American Games", which also called "Toronto 2015 Pan-Am Games" is an  international multi-sport event in Toronto, Canada. It will be running from  July 10 to 26, 2015.

The games host 6,135 athletes. According to a prior estimate, 45% of the total competitors are going to be women.

The program is consist of 364 events in 36 sports, wherein 28 of which are to be contested at the  2016 Summer Olympics.

Source: The Globe and Mail

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