Perv alert! Guy pretends as buyer then offers P20k for a make out

Netizens already labelled him "Boy 20k" - he pretends to be interested to what girls are selling online, then pulls off an indecent proposal to the tune of P20k.

Perv guy in makati Shawn Villanueva

A guy named "Shift Miranda" on Facebook had this chat with a certain girl who was obviously trying to sell beauty products online.

The guy started off by saying he is interested with a certain item on sale, for his supposed girlfriend.
A few more lines like asking the girl's age and location, he then popped his one of a kind offer out.

Perv guy in makati Shawn Villanueva

Perv guy in makati Shawn Villanueva

He showed some sort of a monetary bait.

Shawn Villanueva shows the money

"Mr. Villanueva" is insistent with his kind of deal. He asked the girl to think of it very seriously.

Shawn Villanueva contact number

If you read through the conversation, the guy mentioned his real name, age and location. However, it could be bogus.

From the looks of it, "Boy 20k" has been around for quite sometime already, dragging the same modus.

Shawn Rage

Sometimes, being "open minded" is dangerous too. Do you agree?

Beware ladies!

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