Photo of teen actor Daniel Padilla vaping on the set sparks discussion online

A certain photo of teen actor Daniel Padilla reportedly vaping on the set, and in front of Kathryn Bernardo, became a topic for discussion online among netizens.
Daniel Padilla vaping on the set
Photo: Fashion PULIS through one of its readers
The same photo was posted on Fashion PULIS, titled "Spotted: Daniel Padilla Vaping on the Set".

The comments on the said post varied. Some said, there is nothing of a big deal seeing Daniel Padilla doing a vape.

"..maganda naman sa katawan ang vape kesa sa yosi (vape is good for the body, unlike regular cigars)", said by an anonymous commenter.

"..But he is the Teen King. His influence reaches a lot of vulnerable kids who follow him by example!", another commenter said.

And more comments below:

Daniel Padilla vaping on the set comments

Online tabloid Bulgar News had the said material on its Sunday's (July 19) digital front page.
Daniel Padilla vaping on the set bulgar news
Source: Bulgar News Facebook Page
This smoking vape issue of the teen idol has been online for more or less a couple of days already.

Although the scandalous photo allegedly turned off Daniel's fans, some are still out there in full support, Blast Spree wrote.

The brewing hot topic in the social media is a bit odd, seeing big news sites like ABS-CBN and GMA News, or even Philippine Daily Inquirer, did not bother to pick it up for a news article. Perhaps, it is not that of a big deal to do so?

What are your takes on this?

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