This guy walked from Cubao to Pasay Rotonda, begging for P2 to buy ice cold water

A guy, reportedly from Davao City, who identified himself as Roel Hemoroza emerged at Rotonda, Pasay City asking for P2 in order to buy ice cold water. Perhaps, for his refreshment or quenching his thirst due to hours-long hike.

It could be his way to survive the day while wandering the streets of Metro Manila, unaware of his real destination.

According to a Facebook post with information from a certain Hayley Tiamat, Hemoroza walked his way from Cubao to Pasay City.

Assuming Roel departed from Araneta Center, Cubao, his journey on foot was a total of about 12.5 kilometers. It was more or less a 2.5 hours long journey under the heat of the sun if he traveled during daytime.
Roel Hemoroza
Via Pinoy Trending Videos
Until this time, nobody knows what really happened to him or what pushed him to take his chances in the metropolis.

Netizens worry about Hemoroza's health and safety. Bad guys could easily pick on him or set him up and beat him for no reason.

Should you know his relatives or their contact details, you may share this post to help Mr. Hemoroza.

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