GRAPHIC: This 87-year-old woman has 5-inch horn on her head

An old woman from Sichuan, China was brought by her family to a doctor in order to be checked - she has a horn, which grew into five inches long from a mere mole on her scalp about eight years ago.

Old woman with horn

According to reports, Liang Xiuzhen, 87 was kind of afraid of going to the doctor with a fear that she might not be able to come back home.

"We went to the hospital and the doctors couldn't diagnose the growth.. My mother doesn't like going to the hospital because she thinks that she won't be able to come back home if she goes.", the old woman's son Wang Zhaojun, said.

Old woman with horn

When Liang's condition got worse than she could imagine, her family tried hard to convince her to visit a medical person for good. Luckily, the pensioner gave in.

Two years ago, Liang's horn was just an itch on her head. It was temporarily "cured" when her family tried to apply some herbal medicines.

Her family thought that things will be just fine, seeing no side effects have developed after using the said local medications.

Then, the unexpected happened. The old lady's horn grew into a gigantic horn - measuring 5 inches in length with a diameter of over 2 inches.

Earlier this year, Zhaojun accidentally "knocked off" the horn while washing his mother's hair. But soon after, another horn grew up and replaced the old one.

According to the doctors' findings, Liang's animal-like horn is a "cutaneous horn". It is an unusual "keratinous skin tumor". Its causes are still unclear but generally, it is believed to be due to exposure to radiation.

"Cutaneous horns" are often benign in the first stage. They can be  malignant or premalignant.

The horn can be removed via surgery, the doctors said.

Source: Mail
Reference: Copcu, Eray; Sivrioglu, Nazan; Culhaci, Nil (2004). "Cutaneous horns: are these lesions as innocent as they seem to be?". World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2: 18. doi:10.1186/1477-7819-2-18. PMC 421749. PMID 15176977

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