9-year-old injured bat boy in critical condition. NBC issues statement

Update: "Batboy struck during warmup swing in Kansas dies", CNN headlined today.

"With the permission of the family, and with much sorrow and a very broken heart, I regretfully inform everyone that Kaiser Carlile passed away earlier this evening.. Please keep his family and our team in your thoughts and prayers.", the team said in a statement.

Carlile was hit by one of the batters during a baseball game in Kansas over the weekend.

Meanwhile, in the NBC World Series, Liberal Bee Jays' 9-year-old bat boy, Kaiser Carlile was injured and is now in critical condition following an accident, Saturday news reports say.
Kaiser Carlile of Liberal Bee Jays
Image: fox6now.com
Carlile was hit in the head by the follow-through of a swing near the on-deck circle.

The boy is now being attended in a hospital's intensive care unit (ICU), Bee Jays general manager Mike Carlile told reporters.

Luckily,  home-plate umpire Mark Goldfeder, who was actually out of the game about an hour before Liberal Bee Jays' game started, happened to have the knowledge to render first aid and he just jumped in to help the boy before the ambulance arrived.

Goldfeder is a 25-year veteran as a paramedic.

"I didn’t see what happened", Mike Carlile said.

"I just heard something and immediately started running down to the field and I get down there and the home-plate umpire is throwing out medical jargon. The guy definitely knew what he was doing. He was a Godsend that we had him behind the plate today.", he added.

Despite the untoward turn of event for the young Carlile, his team still managed to push through with the proper gameplay in mind, and they picked 13 innings to defeat San Diego 13-5 to advance in the winners bracket.

"I’m just at a loss of words.. This was just so unfortunate and tragic and it was an accident. It was a very emotional game for our guys and it was incredible how they were able to claw through to just stay in the game mentally. Now all we can do is hope and pray that everything works out OK.", Liberal manager Adam Anderson said.

Statement of Liberal president Nathan McCaffrey after the game:
The Bee Jays would like to thank (Goldfeder) and emergency responders for their efforts,” McCaffrey wrote. “We also appreciate everyone’s love, support, thoughts and prayers during this time. Please continue to pray and keep Kaiser and his family in your thoughts.
Here's NBC's statement concerning Kaiser Carlile, Liberal Bee Jays:
Saturday’s incident was an unfortunate and tragic accident. One that saddens us all. Our prayers and thoughts of support are shared with Kaiser, his family, and the Bee Jays as they look for courage and strength in this challenging time. The Bee Jays are one of the most successful programs in the 81 year history of the NBC World Series. As a valued member of our NBC family, we ask the media to respect their privacy at this time. Players will not grant interviews to the media and only team management will speak to the media after their scheduled game tonight at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium. The NBC is willing to discuss the World Series, events, promotions, etc., however, at this time we have no comment on Kaiser’s situation or the accident.
On social media, support, prayers and loving thoughts poured in for the young bat boy of the Liberal Bee Jays.

Prayers for Kaiser Carlile of Liberal Bee Jays
Support for Kaiser Carlile of Liberal Bee Jays
Image: KWCH12

Source: The Wichita Eagle, KWCH12

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