LOOK: ABS-CBN cargo truck spotted on pedestrian crosswalk

Indeed, a photo can speak a thousand words just as how this one could drag the TV network down to something unbecoming in the eyes of the public.

A certain RG Wendell Quinzon Zulaybar sent this photo to Philippine motoring magazine, Top Gear through its Facebook page and it did earn one tough round of discussions regarding drivers discipline.
abs-cbn truck on pedestrian crosswalk
Photo: RG Wendell Quinzon Zulaybar via Top Gear
There were no details as to how the truck's driver ended up stuck on the pedestrian crossing lane, but one thing is crystal clear - the traffic looks quite loose and the light is on red.

In the basic sense, pedestrian crosswalks do have what we call a stop line. Drivers should not go past it to allow the crossing pedestrians to cross safely and unobstructed.

Perhaps, many of you do see this happening everyday in your daily commuting rounds in the metro. Cars of different kinds, including motorcycles do have this chronic practice of clogging the intersections; They occupy the pedestrian crossing lane while the traffic light is red.

pedestrian crosswalk stopping line

One may argue that a driver may get caught by the sudden change of traffic lights. But then, as one of the comments in the hot but intelligent discussions on Top Gear's page, it is but an indication that traffic light signals are blatantly ignored. If a driver heeds to what an orange light means, he/she will not get caught up on the crosswalk when the light suddenly turns into red.

If you would like to join the discourse on this very educational subject matter, might as well head over to the motoring page's thread.

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