Goliath's gates to biblical city of Gath discovered by archaeologists

Archaeologists uncovered the remains of a huge gate and fortified walls believed to be that of the biblical city of Gath.

Gate of Goliath City discovered
Photo: Aren Maeri / Ackerman Family (Inset: illustration by Gustave DorĂ©)
History says, it is where the Philistine warrior Goliath lived, whom David killed in a duel.

According to the researchers, the monumental gate is by the largest to be discovered in Israel.

Here's an aerial photograph of the said gate and its surrounding fortifications.

Gate of Goliath City of Gath aerial photo
Photo: Aren Maeri / Ackerman Family
Professor Aren Maeir, an archaeologist from Bar-Ilan University in Israel said, there is still a bunch of works to be done, like cleaning, digging, measuring and such, but it looks like the group is really in for quite of a phenomenal discovery.

Gate of Goliath City of Gath photo
Photo: Aren Maeri / Ackerman Family
"We still have to do a lot of cleaning, defining, digging and measuring to do, but it appears that there are really good chances we have truly landed on quite an astounding find. Many lines of megalithic stone are appearing, with nice corners, features and even mud bricks. While we are quite far from fully understanding this architectural complex, it is getting more and more impressive.", Professor Maeir added.

As per biblical accounts, the city of Gath was the home of King Ashish and the fierce giant warrior Goliath.

The city stood during the time of Saul, David and Solomon some 3,000 years ago.

It was destroyed during a siege launched by Hazael King of Aram Damascus in 830 BC.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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