Beheading video of Brgy. Captain from Dapitan City goes online

A raw video showing the actual beheading of kidnapped for ransom Barangay Captain from Dapitan City Rodolfo Buligao, 62, has been uploaded online a few hours ago.

Dapitan City Barangay captain rodolfo buligao beheading

The horrendous act will appear so distasteful that only few can manage to watch the footage in full.

The news of the beheading broke out two days ago, but there was no clear mention of the video that came out today on social media.

Reportedly, the family of Buligao failed to pay the ransom money demanded by the militant group Abu Sayyaf.

In the video coverage of the killing, one of the armed men mentioned that, the Barangay Chief's negotiator asked for an extension in order to be able to collect the needed sum for the ransom. The time limit came up but still no payment was made.

Hence the militant group proceeded with the beheading threat, which they mentioned a few weeks ago.

On August 11, 2015 at around 9:00 PM, the cadaver of Buligao was found somewhere in Maimbong Sulu, with a note bearing his name.

Mr. Buligao was kidnapped, along with two members of the Philippine Coast Guard, SM1 Allan Pagaling and SM2 Gringo Villaruz in Dapitan City on May 4.

As of the latest, the status of the two coast guards are still undetermined.

The above-mentioned beheading video must have been on your Facebook timelines by this time. Watch at your own discretion.

Source: GMA News, Ang Balitang Davao

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