BreadTalk stops selling soya milk, says product was repackaged from Yeo's packet drink

BreadTalk emerged on a seemingly food scandal this week when a photo of one of its workers filling up plastic bottles with Yeo's packet drink circulated on the Internet.
BreadTalk Sinapore in Yeo's soya bean milk scandal
Photo: Redwire Times
Following the online ruckus, the confectionery decided to pull out the said item - a soya bean milk from its shelves, Wednesday news reports said.

The "scandalous" soya bean milk was first seen on website Redwire Times on Monday. The post claimed that the repackaged drinks were being sold under the label "freshly prepared".

People were shocked. Some of them posted comments expressing doubts over the familiarity of the taste of the supposed genuine soya milk.

"This 'freshly prepared' soya bean milk from BreadTalk always tasted very familiar, but somehow I couldn't figure out why until now. You see for yourself why. This BreadTalk staff is just pouring Yeo's soya bean milk into bottles of 'freshly prepared' soya bean sold by BreadTalk", said Kev, as quoted by Redwire Times.

BreadTalk got into hot waters when people started to do the basic math for the said drink. A packet of Yeo's packet would normally sell for S$1.50. BreadTalk then sells a bottle of soya bean milk for S$1.80.

Roughly, that's a profit of more or less S$6.

What a big rip off!

When contacted, BreadTalk said, they do repackage Yeo's milk into plain plastic bottles with the label "freshly prepared" on them.

The store buys Yeo's packet in bulk, the store added.

Through a spokesman, BreadTalk asked for an apology.
We have heard our customers' feedback about our bottled soya bean milk

We would like to apologise for any misaligned presentation or wrong impressions created, and clarify that it is never our intention to mislead.
BreadTalk Singapore's post on Facebook:

BreadTalk Sinapore in Yeo's soya bean milk apology

Unfortunately, the said social media statement of BreadTalk raked in rather intense influx of enraged customers. Their comments brought in similar issues and concerns, and they keep on piling up as the discussion goes on.

Source: BreadTalk Facebook Page Strait Times, Redwire Times

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