Brainy Beauty Spotted in Flea Market Goes Viral

Pastrana, Leyte -- It could have just been a typical day in this rather quiet town, if not for a flea market that featured all sorts of goodies - and a pretty face who offered more than just adorable smiles.

In a Facebook post of netizen Kristen Lopez, she narrated her encounter with Jovelyn Coral Toreno, a young lady in Pastrana whose looks are starting to go viral on social media. Basically, she can be just another chick getting a thousand likes for her photos on Facebook, but it was also found out that Jovelyn has so much more on her resume. In fact, she can definitely stand side-by-side with today’s female leaders, as in her own way she knows how girls can "run the world."

So who exactly is Jovelyn Coral Toreno?

According to various sources (both offline and online), Jovelyn is a doting young mom to her two kids, and at the same time a really intense and power-driven entrepreneur. A firm believer of small business enterprise since her childhood days, Jovelyn eventually graduated with a degree in Management Accounting at Saint Paul’s School of Business and Law. Not only that, she earned her degree with a cum laude status.

Even before she graduated, Jovelyn says that she has already been into different types of business ventures, as it was her first love. She then became more aggressive in working her way to the world of business by putting up her own online start-ups, and also by learning the ropes of social media marketing.

But what exactly was she doing at the flea market?

When she was spotted at the flea market, Jovelyn was doing business. She was supervising her team in selling the items they have to customers, and she says it’s her way of doing market research.

"I’m a strong believer of local business, and to build on that I need to maintain a hands-on approach in dealing with local markets," she says. "By learning more about local sellers and customers, I find ways to better link them this time online, through my site, Promote."

Jovelyn is the co-founder of Promote, a local business promotion site that links businesses to their target customers. With a team of experts specializing in local business marketing through online networks, Jovelyn sees that the future is definitely turning bright for today’s local small and medium scale businesses.

"These small and medium enterprises now have the best avenue to make their ventures shine," she says. "With Promote, everything is now made possible for them."

Contributed article by: Fae Cheska Marie Esperas

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