LOOK: Customer finds Maggots inside Century Bangus canned good

A Facebook post on August 7 (Fri) contained photos of a canned good, "Century Bangus with Tausi" with disgusting foreign guests inside - unfortunately a bunch of maggots still alive and wiggling.

According to Normiah, her husband was about saute the supposed viand when he noticed those little things swimming in the sauce.
Century Bangus with Tausi with maggots
Photo: Normiah Wahab / Century Bangust with Tausi and maggots
Normiah found out that the product is not yet expired, as per expiry date written on the good's label.

"Century Bangus with Tausi" is one of the products under the flagship of Century Pacific Food, Inc.

The company tried to contact Normiah for a possible meeting and asked her to take down the photos she posted on her Facebook account.

From the looks of it, Century Pacific Food, Inc. is yet to issue an official statement regarding the incident, perhaps, after the appropriate investigations.

Barako Newsline will be willing to post the company's side of story.

Screenshot of the original post:

Maggots inside Century Bangus with Tausi FB post

The story, including the photos herein were posted with Normiah's permission.

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