Watch: Foreigners speak Salitang Beki (gay linggo) - A father and son tandem

This video of a father and son tandem, speaking "salitang beki" or what many call as "gay linggo" is kind of sweeping the Internet since Sunday (Aug 9).

Foreigners speak salitang beki gay linggo

Apparently, Wil Dasovich and his father went out to the streets of Metro Manila and tried to converse with the people around, and also between themselves using gay linggo.

The people's reactions were just amazing and hilarious at some point. They were both bewildered and amazed of what they just heard from the mouths of the two foreigners.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

Wil Dasovich is from Novato, California. He is now living in Makati, Philippines. He has a Youtube channel called "Tsong and Tsonggo (Wil Dasovich)". You might just want to visit and subscribe for more of his entertaining videos.

Other social media accounts of Wil:

Twitter: (@Wil_Dasovich)

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