GMA News featured stolen artwork in its '#AlDub fan art' video

Stolen #YayaDub artwork alert! -- Piracy or unauthorized used of one's property can come in many forms. It can be at the expense of your music, video file (e.g. movies), games and even artworks. They maybe downloaded and distributed illegally or perhaps, presented as some other person's stuff. Someone, somewhere out there can just claim ownership.

This article points out to a video collection posted on GMA News website, dated August 30, titled "The Best of #AlDub fan art." (Source)

It consolidated fifteen (15) #AlDub fans artworks in a 55-seconds video on YouTube.
Best #AlDub fan art
Screengrab: GMA News wbesite
Watch the video:

Unfortunately, one of the sketches in the said video were found misrepresented. It was named after a Facebook name "Julius Advincula Troyo". At least two results came up after a quick Facebook search.

YayaDub fan art pirated

Julius Advincula Troyo

The original owner of the #11 drawing is Francis Conrad Morilao - a natural born artist, studying at Microcadd Institute, Inc., and is working as a designer for a family business, "Curves & Lines Graphics".

Here is a screenshot of his #YayaDub artwork from his Facebook account:
Yaya Dub fan art original by Francis Conrad Morilao
Screengrab: Francis Conrad Morilao Facebook
Francis Conrad Morilao has already been specially mentioned in the viral blog RachFeed, highlighting the above pencil artwork. He also made it to a certain artwork listing on Tumblr.
Yaya Dub fan art on Tumblr
Screengrab: Tumblr
The artist's misrepresented artwork could be a result of at least two major factors. First points to one's lack of shame and integrity. Second could be a writer / publisher's lack of in-depth information gathering.

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