Guards intercept trained pigeon smuggling cocaine and marijuana into Costa Rican prison

Guards intercepted a homing pigeon used to smuggle drugs into a Costa Rican prison; It was carrying a small bag - containing 14 grams of cocaine and 14 grams of marijuana strapped to its breast.

pigeon used as drug mule

The animal "felon" was caught after it landed on a recreation area’s patio.

The bird is believed to have been trained by one of the inmates in the medium-security La Reforma jail.

According to prison director Paul Bertozzi, the guards spotted the bird with an unusual bulge. When it was captured, they were greeted by a small bag with drug items.

The incident is not the first of its kind in La Reforma jail involving animals being used a media to bring drugs in.

Before the "Narco-Pigeon", cats and iguana were also used as drug covert carriers.

In some countries in South America, dogs are also used as drug mules. Some of them were forced to swallow packets of cocaine so they can be smuggled into Europe.

Upon arrival in the target countries, the animals were then butchered in order to retrieve the illegal products.

Source: Daily Mail, Yahoo! Canada

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