Tobias Strebel: Man who spent $100K to look like Justin Bieber is reportedly missing

Reports say, reality TV show star Tobias Strebel, the man who claimed to have spent a huge amount of money - to the tune of $100,000 on plastic surgery just to look like Justin Bieber is "missing".

Tobias Strebel Justin Bieber look alike missing

According to ABC, the last place where he was last seen is somewhere in West Hollywood, California.

His friends and family have not been able to contact him since August 18.

Strebel's friends became concerned about his well being, specially that it is "very unusual" for him to be out of contact, even with his family.

"This is very unusual for him to be missing.. He hasn't done any, not shown up for no reason, no note or anything', acquaintance Mel Espinoza told ABC.

Strebel has been on the spotlight because of his utmost admiration for Justin Bieber. According to him, he already spent $100,000 just to look like the pop star, whom he calls "extraordinarily beautiful".

"Anyone with information regarding Strebel's location should contact the Los Angeles Police Department at (213) 972-2976.", ET Online wrote.

Source: ABC, ET Online, Billboard

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