Who owns the RM150,000 notes scattered all over Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)?

On Monday (Aug 3), motorists scrambled on the Bukit Timah Expressway to pick up the notes that were scattered, incidentally by a certain money changer.
Money all over the Bukit Timah Expressway BKE

The ownership was revealed by a Malaysian newspaper - Harian Metro.

Reportedly, the bearer of the Malaysian notes was on his way to meet a client in Orchard Road. He was riding a motorcycle and did not realize that his bag was not zipped, the news line reported.

The incident happened near the area where the Seletar Expressway (SLE) connects to the BKE, at around 6:20 PM.

A few minutes after the unplanned so-called treat to the passing motorists, the money changer's father called him, saying there are people picking up money on the roadway and that the money could be his.

When he tracked his route back, all that was left was a RM50.

The money changer said, it was a huge lesson for him.

Here's a video uploaded on Youtube by "Singapore Reckless Drivers Community", showing people on BKE picking the scattered notes:

Source: Strait Times

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