Moroccan man suffocates inside suitcase, dies trying to enter Spain

A 27-year-old Moroccan man died due to suffocation inside a suitcase his brother tried to smuggle into Spain.
Human smuggling moroccan man suffocates in suitcase
Photo: AFP
The older man, aged 34 legally boarded a ferry from a tiny Spanish territory in north Africa, bound for Almeria in southern Spain, Sunday police officer said.

The suitcase where the younger sibling curled into was stuck inside a car trunk.

While crossing the territories, the older brother noticed that his brother seem to have stopped breathing. He had no choice but to call the attention of the ferry's staff.

The crew members tried to resuscitate the younger man but he did not make it. His brother was then charged with  involuntary manslaughter.

The said incident is not the first of its kind. Sometime in May, police discovered an 8-year-old boy curled up inside a suitcase without air vents.
Human smuggling in Spain
Photo: AFP
Luckily, the boy survived and was later on granted temporary residency in Spain.

His father decided to opt for the smuggling option because of low income. He cannot afford the cost of requesting residency papers for his son.

Source: Yahoo! Singapore

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