Philippine eagle 'Pamana' shot dead in Davao: Carcass photos released

Philippine eagle "Pamana" was shot dead two months after his release into the wilds in Davao Oriental, Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) told news lines on Wednesday.

On August 16, 2015, his carcass was found rotting just about 1 kilometer from where he was released.

He was already in the state of advanced decomposition. His body was already infested by maggots.

"The bird was presented wrapped in a black plastic bag with only some portions of her skin, tendons and ligaments on her legs and feet, few blood vessels, feathers, bones and talons remained", attending veterinarian Ana Maria Lascano said.

According to the  official necropsy report, Pamana sustained a 5mm puncture wound. A small fragment of a gun pellet was found in his body.

Indeed a sad fate for the precious bird who underwent two years of rehabilitation, only to end up dead due to a person's utter irresponsibility.

Shocking enough was that, in the initial findings, it was  discovered that Pamana was in fact killed within one of the country's protected areas for wildlife.

Photos released by the Philippine Eagle Foundation:

Source: ABS-CBN News, Rappler, Inquirer

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