Pinay boxer 'hurt' by P6,000 tax charged by BOC on her championship belt

Filipina boxing champ  Jujeath Nagaowa said, she was "hurt" and "disappointed" by the tax imposed and thereafter, collected by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) for her chmpionship belt, which she won from a recent boxng match in Macau.

Jujeath Nagaowa belt taxed by BOC

While Nagaowa clearly brought honor to the Philippines, the BOC went on its way to declare her prize taxable.

The BOC said, the champ's belt costs US$400 and that it has to bear P3,027.13 as the customs' duty, plus P2,782 for the value added tax.

"I do not know how they came up with that price but, as far as I know, that should have been exempted from tax because it is a prize", Nagaowa told Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Nagaowa was informed by a customs lady officer that the computation for her belt's tax was based on another person's belt, which costed about US$700.

In her Facebook post yesterday, Jujeath wrote:
OOooopzzzz, did never thought that a simple comment of mine to a friend's post about BOC led up to here..
Yes, it's true & yes it hurts, that after battling full 10 rounds of boxing for this belt, & after some days of agony waiting for it's arrival in my place, so much disappointed coz this big thing of mine is also waiting for me for a trade before claiming it.
Life must go on (& am just lucky enough with friends) so must have to pay for it than losing the only evidence I could have that once in my existence, I gambled my life for a lifetime treasure that others may take over my throne but can't take this crown.‪#‎WIBAIntlChampBelt‬
Jujeath Nagaowa belt taxed by BOC

The buzz on this, yet another controversial item concerning BOC has been gaining grounds after Nagaowa posted the above-cited social media update.

The question now is - Can championship belts be taxed? - or simply, are prizes such as medals, badges and the like, taxable?

Looking at section 105 of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines, the law says they cannot be.

In the said code, it is stated that "medals, badges, cups and other small articles bestowed as trophies or prizes, or those received or accepted as honorary distinction" are considered as "exempt from the payment of import duties."

Jujeath Nagaowa, 27, aside from being a boxer, is also a mixed martial arts fighter. She hails from Benguet, Baguio City, Philippines. She is  currently signed with ONE Championship - "Asia's largest sports media property with a global broadcast to over 1 billion homes across 75 countries." (ONE)

Source: Inquirer, Facebook, ONE

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