Ryan Rems showcases latest 'banat lines' on Banana Split

In the latest episode of ABS-CBN's comedy gag show "Banana Split", Ryan Rems Sarita stood to a live audience and delivered a few lines for a brief segment.

Ryan Rems Sarita hates bloggers

Right off the bat, he opened his cracks of jokes with the following lines:
You know what people? Eto bilingual tayo ng konte, y'know I really hate bloggers because they think they are also journalists (trasc)
It could be taken out of context but as some commenters hinted on Facebook where this post has been shared, his dig on bloggers has got some twists too. In his hypothetical scenario, he himself got out of the Ampatuan massacre alive because he said he is just a blogger and not a journalist.

His next items referred to people who are cross-eyed, followed by those with AIDS and then gays.

This could be Ryan's first time to take on bloggers, and those with disabilities and people who are infected with HIV, but with due possibilities that his recent jokes will hit some serious nerves of the affected denominations mentioned above, he could be under fire.

But then, he got all the tickets to explain or air his side.

Watch the video:

Ryan Rems Sarita is the grand winner of the recently concluded stand-up comedy contest, "The Funny One" - a portion of the noon time show "It's Showtime".

As comments are pouring in on this particular post on Facebook, we hereby share that in Ryan Rem's Facebook post, he captioned the video as:
SPG ang kailangan sa videong ito. Ang materyal na aking ibinitaw ay medyo maselan. Minsan kailangan mo din tignan ang pinapanood ng anak mo, huwag puro selfie. Orayt!
What are your opinions?

Source: ABS-CBN, Facebook

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