Shanghai shopper finds shrimp gelatin-injected

Shrimp stuffed with gelatin? What is up with the Chinese vendors going frenzy over fake products?
Shrimp with gelatin in China
Photo: Shanghaiist
A certain shopper in Shanghai reportedly discovered that the shrimp he bought from the market in Wenzhou contains some blobby materials - gelatin, Shanghaiist wrote.

According to the man's story, he discovered some jelly-looking substance while peeling the shrimps off.

In the said district in China, some sellers do inject seafood products with gelatin to pump up their weights in the scale. Reportedly, they do increase by something like 20 to 30 percent.

While it is safe to consume gelatin, people are somewhat worried that industrial adhesives or similar toxic materials are also added to the shrimps.
Photo: Shanghaiist
Photo: Shanghaiist
As a precautionary measure, concerned citizens advised the consumers to take a closer look, and perhaps render keen observation of the shrimps that they are about to buy.

Industrial glues or adhesives are made of different ingredients, some of which may cause allergies and irritations. The human body may directly absorb toxins when such chemicals enter the human respiratory system.

Source: Shanghaiist, Bond Tech Industries

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