Thailand bomb explosion update: Officials get clearer picture of culprits

The bomb explosion in Bangkok Thailand on Monday, killed at least 22 people and wounded more or less 120, authorities told reporters.
Bangkok Thailand bombing photo
In the latest updates, Thailand’s defense minister said, the investigating body is somewhat getting closer to identifying the real actors in the bombing.

"It is much clearer who the bombers are, but I can’t reveal right now", Prawit Wongsuwan said Tuesday. The bomb that was set off in the central Bangkok was meant to "discredit the government and harm the economy", he added.

It was aimed at destroying the country's tourism, the defense minister elaborated.

One of the witnesses, Sanjeev Vyas, a DJ from Mumbai, India described the explosion as - like a huge "gust of wind and debris flying through".

"..And then I see bodies everywhere, there are cars on fire, there are bikes everywhere. People are screaming.", Vyas said.

Sources: Manila Bulletin, CNN

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