Video of unwanted chicks left to suffocate, shredded alive creates outrage in France

A very distressing video showing thousands of unwanted chicks being disposed in a dreadful manner by factory workers created an outrage in France.

chicks being shredded alive and left to suffocate in France

It prompted politicians and consumers to call for the immediate end of such an "abominable practice".

The said footage was leaked by a whistle-blower.

In the course of the video capture, a bunch of chicks being thrown in crates on top of the others gasping for breath, amid bloodied and rotting body parts covered in flies.

Others can be seen being put into a black bin bag, crushed, tied and then left to suffocate.

Some were placed in an industrial shredder, almost right after being hatched.

Politicians are now at the height of calling the attention of France's agriculture minister, Stephane Le Foll to take immediate action.

In France, male chicks are usually disposed by farmers as they are seen not suitable source of meat for human consumption.

Watch the video:

Source: Sky News, Youtube

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