15-year-old inventor, son of ARMM Gov wins international award for organic plastic bag

Congratulations Amin "Ahmed" Hataman for winning an international award for your biodegradable plastic bags made of coconuts!

Amin Hataman Photo 1

The award, a bronze medal was received by Amin himself in Texas, during the 2015 International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering and Environment Project (I-SWEEP) Olympiad held in Houston.

Last year, Amin also bagged a gold medal award for the same invention in Georgia - in the 2014 International Young Inventors Olympiad in Tbilisi.

Hataman is "among nine young Filipinos being showcased by Wyeth Nutrition as exemplars of the young innovative Filipino spirit, which Wyeth hopes to promote and nurture further as the company launches this year the nationwide Search for Filipino Kid Innovators that will select its first crop of winners in 2016," Philstar wrote.

Amin Hataman and his biodegradable plastic bag

According to him, he drew inspiration from the environment growing up in Mindanao.

"Growing up there, I developed this love for the environment.. I did some research on how plastic was actually doing a lot of damage to the environment," Hataman said.

Hence, his determination to  research on biodegradable alternatives to plastic.

"There was this suggestion of nata de coco, because it has cellulose properties, which means that it could copy plastic that we use today, but it’s organic.. Right now, I’m actually already trying to patent this. In the future, if I go into business, I might be able to implement this," Hataman said in an interview.

Amin Hataman's biodegradable plastic bag disintegrates after several days of exposure to elements.

Amin Hataman, 15, son of Gov. Mujib Hataman of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, is a student at the Fountain International School in San Juan City, Metro Manila.

Who would imagine that a school project could land the young mind an international award in a world inventions tilt? Worth emulating indeed!

Source: Philstar, Tankler News

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