#AlDub meet again! Watch the full ‪#‎Kalyeserye‬ episode video

A lot has been going on with Eat Bulaga's ‪#‎Kalyeserye‬, with the genius and on-time pairing of Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) and Alden Richards.
AlDub meet again
Image: Screengrab from Eat Bulaga Facebook Page
Yesterday's run of the noon time show presented another heart-pounding segment, wherein Yaya Dub and Alden had the chance to meet for the second time around.

Albeit in the midst of the kidnapping plot carried out by the jealous Duhrizz (Wally Bayola), #AlDub surely brought "kiligs" to the avid fans, specially when their eyes met while inside the two different vans where they were kept abductees.

Video (Credit: Eat Bulaga)
AlDub Day 51: The Abduction

Si Duhrizz pala ang may pakana nang pagkidnap sa #AlDub! Panoorin ulit ang nag-iinit at nakakakilig na eksena sa nag-iisang #Kalyeserye sa tanghalian! #KiligPaMore

Posted by Eat Bulaga on Saturday, September 12, 2015

Things brewing in the comments section of the posts on yesterday's "Kalye Serye"
Lead Garrette Dragneel Zamora Startalk Update:
May chance ba ang AlDub?
Joey:Palabas na ako kasi pupunta akong Startalk eh nasalubong ko si
Niyakap nya ko ..
Sabi ko....Ano..ayos ba?
May binulong sya..
Alden:Parang iba na pakiramadam ko.
Joey:Yun ang rinig ko ah.
(C) Rogelio
Diane Kaye Abella commented this:
Did you guys feel the SPARK?! It was very obvious!!!!! Actions speak louder than words.... Alden Richards didn't leave his eyes on Maine's face while she was still wearing the blindfold, but the moment they took it off from her eyes, she immediately looks into his direction. Their eyes met and got all sparkly. (He blushed and she became conscious, trying to fix her unruly hair) but the most shocking part in my observation is that Alden felt the tingling sensation or probably the electrifying bolt, when Maine touched him on the chest, because he suddenly stepped backward, like he really felt it. Who knows my presumption might be true. This episode is much better than the last time, the two of them got more than what we are expecting. They got a close encounter and a chance to touch each other! #FANMODE
Apparently, not only the girls are having the craze with #AlDub. Emron Martinez said:
Itong episode na ito, kasama ko nanonood ang bayaw ko at pareho kaming lalaki at ang pumiyok sa amin baka magtaka at mapaisip kami sa isat-isa, pero hindi namin napigilan na bigla kaming kinilig at napasigaw nung magkadikit na sila hahahaahaahah. Yung sigaw na "AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" hahahha. Sa tanang buhay ko ngayon lang talaga ako naka experience na talagang kinilig ako. Tama nga ang sabi nila ang tunay na lalaki ay kinikilig sa ALDUB!!!!!! At wala akong PAKE kung anu ang iniisip nyo sa amin o sa akin dahil may asawa na kami. DIBA MGA BOYS????? haahahahaha. #Aldubpamore

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