Anti gun campaigners warn potential buyers by opening a 'gun shop' (Video)

These anti gun campaigners just pulled off a powerful way to warn potential gun customers - by way of actually opening up a "gun store".

anti gun organization opens a gun shop in NY

Intuitively, gun buyers tried to go in to inquire, but instead of the usual sales talk, they got a rather different thing.

The gun shop was set up in New York's Lower East Side, with the attractive byline, "First-time gun buyer? We are here to help you."

Upon entrance of the customers, the shop attendant would explain each gun's characteristics, and or capabilities.

Then, a smooth shift of a subject would come in. The clerk would relate each of the weapon's history, like how a five-year old accidentally killed his nine-month baby brother with a revolver he found inside his parents' room. The same thing was done for the semi-automatic rifles, shot guns and the like. Basically, the store tells the customers how guns have caused unnecessary deaths.

In the end, the customers shied away from buying a gun. They said, their outlook towards guns have changed.

Watch the video:

On the other hand, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association (NRA) said, the video is somewhat "out of touch with reality".

It is but a "tasteless PR stunt designed to further an anti-gun agenda, and it’s out of touch with reality.", said Jennifer Baker.

While gun ownership rose in the US, violent crime dropped to a 43-year low, Baker added.

Source: Metro, Youtube

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