Artist makes 'Syrian Super Mario' to show how it is being a refugee

Just like in the real life situations, the "Syrian Super Mario" has to face a lot of obstacles before he can actually reach his kind of temporary safety of sort.

Along the way of a Syrian refugee, there are soldiers guarding the borders, the ferocious sea waters and of course, the heartless smugglers.

To date, there have been about over 4 million Syrians who opted to go out of their way for safety - to seek a better life, at least where they can spend their family affairs just like normal.

Syrian Super Mario

In the past weeks or so, the plight of the Syrians fleeing their country gained global attention. One of its highlights is the growing incidences of people being washed ashore while trying to cross the deadly seas in order to reach Europe. In the said unfortunate set of events, some were lucky to make it alive. Some did not.

Did it ever occur to you that there are also bribes involved while the refugees are trying to get pass the soldiers in the borders?

To show the trials, the Syrian refugees have to undergo, here's the work of Syrian artist named Samir al-Mutfi who reimagined the Super Mario Bros. video game:

Source: Time, Youtube

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