GE2015 News / Updates: Singapore General Election 2015

Meanwhile in Singapore, the political position seekers will be having their walkabouts today, Today Online reported Wednesday.

Singapore General Election 2015 GE2015

There will be two rallies - one by the People's Action Party and one by the Workers' Party; Things will be happening tonight.

Moreover, there will be broadcasts for each of political parties tomorrow and on September 10.

For Twitter updates, you can follow "Today" via @TODAYonline and note of the hashtag #GE2015.

Should you wish to tune in to the live coverage of the election, you may want to watch the video courtesy of Strait Times.

It is recognized that the up coming election in Singapore this year is the most contested polling activity, as far as the country's political history is concerned. All of the existing 89 seats are likely to be challenged, ST wrote.

Dates to note for Singapore's GE2015:

September 1 - Nomination Day
September 1-9 - Campaign Days
September 10 - Cooling Off Day
September 11 - Polling Day

Parties and Alliances for Singapore Elections 2015

People's Action Party - Leader: Lee Hsien Loong
Workers' Party - Leader Low Thia Khiang
Singapore People's Party - Leader: Chiam See Tong
Singapore Democratic Party - Leader: Chee Soon Juan
National Solidarity Party - Leader: Sebastian Teo
Singapore Democratic Alliance - Leader: Desmond Lim Bak Chuan
Reform Party - Leader: Kenneth Jeyaretnam
Singaporeans First - Leader: Tan Jee Say
People's Power Party - Leader: Goh Meng Seng

Source: Strait Times, Today Online

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