Latest Polaroid instant camera does not need ink

Polaroid got a new tool for you to explore - its latest instant camera, which does not need ink to print photos.

The Polaroid "Snap", a $99 gadget is an attempt to redefine the company's "retro instant photography" for a "smartphone-carrying audience", wired wrote.

Polaroid Snap

Things stemmed from the thoughts that people nowadays seldom keep printed version of their photos. Their mementos are mostly digital in form.

"Now, you share on social media, or at a party you pass the phone around. Photography used to be about that sense of joy and the physical artifact.", Silicon Valley gadget designer, Robert Brunner said.

Brunner asked, in a world where we tend to forget hundreds of photos each day, "How do you reestablish something that has value?."

Snap is a third design for Polaroid. Unlike previous versions, it does not carry cartridges for the ink.

How does Snap operate?
Heat from the printer reacts with dye crystals embedded in the photo paper to create the image.
It is a point and shoot camera, and is small enough to fit in the pocket.

Brunner said, Snap's simplicity is its way to compete with the other cameras or even iPhones to "reestablish value" in our pictures.

Source: Wired

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