Netizens slam convoy of alleged INC vehicles counterflowing traffic (Video)

A video showing a convoy of vehicles counterflowing traffic in Cainta junction in front of the Cainta public market was uploaded on Facebook by Essex G. Pol on September 25, 2015.

INC convoy in Cainta

Netizens were quick to slam the scene, as well as the religious group for some kind of "power tripping".

According to Essex, the six vehicles of mostly SUVs were of members of the religious sect "Iglesia Ni Cristo" (INC).

On the above mentioned date, at around 9:08am, a motorcycle riding policeman was spotted assisting the said convoy from getting pass traffic by allowing it to use the opposite lane of the said road segment.

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The video taker also specifically mentioned that an ambulance, which happened to be in the way, somewhat gave in, just to let the convoy pass.


A small group of Iglesia Ni Cristo vehicles causing traffic. An ambulance carrying a patient even had to give way to their small convoy. I just had to park and record this. TOP GEAR PHILIPPINESWhere: Cainta junction in front of the Cainta Public MarketWhen: 9:08am Sept. 25, 2015

Posted by Essex G. Pol on Thursday, September 24, 2015

What are your thoughts on this?

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