Phivolcs issues Tsunami alert for 20 provinces after Chile earthquake

A tsunami alert for 20 provinces in the Philippines has been issued by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) on Thursday following the quake that hit Chile on Wednesday.

Tsunami alert issued after chile earthquake

The agency is monitoring the coasts of the following areas for possible changes in sea levels:

  1. Batanes Group of Islands
  2. Sorsogon
  3. Cagayan
  4. Northern Samar
  5. Ilocos Norte
  6. Eastern Samar
  7. Isabela
  8. Leyte
  9. Quezon
  10. Southern Leyte
  11. Aurora
  12. Surigao del Norte
  13. Camarines Norte
  14. Surigao del Sur
  15. Camarines Sur
  16. Davao Oriental
  17. Albay
  18. Davao del Sur
  19. Catanduanes
  20. Davao Occidental

Phivolcs said, communities situated in the above-mentioned areas are "advised to wait and listen for updates."

No evacuation order has been called, so far, the agency told news reporters.

The magnitude 7.9 earthquake jolted Chile on Wednesday at 6:55 a.m. Thursday (Philippine) time.

The South American nation felt the strong quake; authorities issued a tsunami alert for Chile's entire Pacific coast.

The tremor was even felt in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Apparently, the aftershocks of the earthquake are serious. Here are two first-hand accounts sent to The Guardian:

1- By guardianUser13781166 , 17 September 2015, 16:02
Situation in Chile's capital city
in Santiago, the aftershocks are still rocking the buildings with mild force, but none of these earthquakes can be compared to the first (and main) one, that felt across all the Santiago Valley with a lot of shaking. I think that this earthquake is the strongest one since the catastrophe of February 2010. Power outages occurred in some places of Santiago, but besides that, the general situation is very calm. The transport system was not affected by the earthquakes, and buildings and houses (in general) were not damaged at all. This city did not experience any compromising situation..
2- By Juan Pablo Petroschki, 17 September 2015, 14:57
Earthquake in Chile
At least 19 aftershocks have occurred tonight, the last significant, at 01:10 local time (UTC-03) was 6.6" Mw. At least three deaths confirmed by the government of President Bachelet, suspended classes throughout the area center and north. medium damage to buildings, and income from the sea in Con-Con.
I was in the trade-center of my town. I saw lights falling and panicking people.
"One million people have been evacuated from their homes after buildings swayed and collapsed in some areas," The Guard wrote.

Source: Sunstar, The Guardian, Phivolcs

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